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Culture of Thiruvananthapuram


The International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), held in November/December every year, has been acknowledged as one of the leading such events in India.6 The well-informed, serious-minded audience in the city frames the success of IFFK. Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, founded in 1998, bases their activities in Thiruvananthapuram. The city holds the largest number of theaters in the state, all within a radius of 3 km.7

Cuisine and Festivals

Kanakakkunnu Palace Compounds - A popular hang out place of people of Thiruvananthapuram

The city breaks into a festive mood during the festival season of Onam in August/September, and during the tourist season later in the year. The state government conducts the tourism week celebrations every year during Onam with cultural events taking place at various centers in the city. The other major events include the annual flower show, the Attukal Pongala, the Aaraat of Padmanabha Swamy Temple, the Beemapally Uroos, Vettucaud Perunaal, etc.

Apart from that, both government and non-government groups organize cultural festivals through out the year. The 75-day annual Soorya Festival provides an example of one of such prominent event in the city. This festival has been acclaimed as the longest running cultural festival in the world8 and covers literature, movies, dance, music, theater and folk arts.9 Other major annual cultural festivals include the week long Swathi Music Festival held in January, nine day long Navaratri Music fete held in September/October, 10 day long Nishagandhi Dance and Music show, and five day long Nishagandhi Musical nights, International Film Festival of Kerala.

People generally enjoy Keralite cuisine, characterized by an abundance of coconut and spices. Other South Indian cuisines, as well as Chinese and North Indian cuisines, have a popular following. Fast food culture pervades the city.


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