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List of national parks of Benin


The W National Park (French: "W" du Niger) is a major national park in Niger around a meander in the Niger River shaped like a "W," hence its name. While the greatest area of the park is in Niger it also extends through the extreme northern section of Benin (1,938 sq mi or 5,020 sq km) and into Burkina Faso (733 sq mi or 1,901 sq km). The area was declared a faunal reserve and state forest in 1953 and designated a national park on August 4, 1954. In 1996 an 850 square mile section of the park lying within Niger, between Sudan and Guinea Savannas, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

W National Park contains important areas of high biodiversity and significant natural habitats for threatened species. It is home to major populations of hoofed mammals (ungulates) and wild plant species, valuable to both conservation and genetic research. The wetland area of the Park is of international importance for the conservation of birds as a Ramsar site.2

The considerable hydrological resources found in W National Park has earned its listing under the Ramsar Convention, which provides for international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

The rugged landscape consists of gallery forests, rivers, ponds, meadows and floodplains, with widespread shrub savanna, crucial to the populations of African Elephant and the Cheetah. Other animal populations include aardvarks, antelopes, baboons, buffalo, caracal, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, leopards, lions, monkeys serval and warthogs. There are many species of snakes, including pythons and puff adders.

Significant numbers of waterbirds have been recorded. Birdlife includes guinea fowl, wild duck, and partridge, as well as many tropical species.

  • A cheetah

  • African Bush Elephant

  • Bushbuck

  • Yellow-backed Duiker


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