Drama, performing arts, and acting will probably always be a source of controversy for human beings who love to be entertained and, seemingly in every culture, nearly worship their entertainers. In the twenty-first century, as people seek to express deeper emotional levels and more complex roles, the art of acting does not get any easier for those that pursue this career path.

Just before his death, a documentary film about Strasberg and Actors Studio debuted titled Acting: Lee Strasberg and the Actors Studio.7

In 1987, the film Hello Actors Studio was released, and another documentary titled, Overview for Miracle on 44th Street: A Portrait of the Actors Studio made its debut in 1991.8

In an article for The Guardian in the year 2000, artistic director, Estelle Parsons reflected on the mission, purpose and intention of the Actor's Studio they wanted to return to its original purpose, "We want to work toward making it… a place of refuge from the commercial world."9


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